Soul Symphony Now on Steam!

日25 月Apr 年2022

Soul Symphony

Soul Symphony! New Physics Arcade RPG! Now on Steam!

A new 3d take on the old Atari game "Crystal Castles", themed with the ancient Chinese philisophy of "Ling", having to do with Creation, the Dream World, and Immortal Spirits that call this Interdimensional Castle "Home". NPCs will say things that get you thinking about how the universe perceives our world, how you create something from nothing, a common idea of "The first note is (in) the silence", and that our universe is like a symphony of both physical and non-physical characters, places, and things we interact with but may not always think about or notice. Collect Notes and Letters (Points) on the map and explore around, but watch out for ledges and edges! Falling off will not penalize you, however it will put you back at the start of that level. Collect 1,000 Points and you will hear a little hidden surprise!

Soul Symphony Runs on Windows(64+32-bit), Macintosh, and Linux Machines. Full Gamepad and Keyboard Support!

Soul Symphony on Steam(Free to Play)

Soul Symphony on Steam
Soul Symphony is now on Steam! You can download and play it for free on the Steam Store.

Gameplay Trailer


Move - L-Analog Stick
Spin - R-Analog Stick
Jump - A Button
Brake - B Button

Move - WASD
Spin - Q/E
Jump - Spacebar
Brake - Shift

Press A or Spacebar again after jumping to perform a double-jump! Escape key exits the game!

Photosensitive Seizure Advisory

Those sensitive to Epileptic Seizures or other Photosensitive Conditions should not play this game on a full color screen!

(Grayscale Filter option coming in future update, thank you for your patience!)

Development and Source Code

Soul Symphony was written in Python with Panda3d Game Engine. FL Studio, OpenMPT, Blender, Inkscape, FontForge, and GIMP were used to make this game.
Soul Symphony Source Code on Github

Future Updates

  • Epilepsy Filter
  • Soundtrack Menu
  • Arcade Mode
  • Dungeon Mode
  • Monsters!?!?
  • New music!
  • Console/Handheld Port?

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