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Soul Symphony

Soul Symphony is a 3rd person rendition of "Crystal Castles" for the Atari, but with a sort of psychedelic crazy twist. Explore a few small areas and talk to NPCs while picking up letters and notes!
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Soul Symphony on Steam

Travels of Oorta

Stadard SNES-era pixel art, 16 colors, Platformer, with a few things that are not well polished yet, but it has a killer soundtrack and good design and colors. Click here for Travels of Oorta.

GBA version

Similar graphics and reduced down to a Gameboy Advance Version, written in C++ and Butano. Travels of Oorta GBA found here.

Story of Chouko

Gameplay videos:
Prologue Gameplay
Village Gameplay


Sandastray is a physics based windsurfing sandbox where your goal is to collect floating coins to mark resource collection areas for your dune-crawling city ship. This project was built in just 2 weeks during the first 2022 Panda3D Game Jam.
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Hz so Good

Don't mind a little pain? Want to get rich quick? Are you not sad about doing unethical things? Surf the web's back-alleys, hack users, harvest as much data as you can and make all the coins you could ever need!

Turn-based first person dungeon crawl action! Upgrade your WAREZ™, a unique skill system. SHRED your foes! Roguelike procedural maps and perma-death. Overload your senses with the strange audio-visual experience Made in 1 week for Dungeon Crawl Jam 2022.
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You are Fiona, sorceress and captain of the Zaftig-25. Below is a world of weird things.
Let's take a walk along the coasts of Aesoph.
Catploration on Steam


I mainly post my main albums on Bandcamp and Remixs and other tunes on Soundcloud.

Bandcamp Electronica RPG Music


Mod Archive (Tracker Music)

My Tracker Music


I also create audio reactive or tempo syncing "clocks" in different game engines, such as Godot, and then screen record and post process the videos for Live Video DJ sets.


Tael Ling Lin's Youtube Channel


VJ00 Moth
VJ01 Adventure
VJ02 Flag
VJ03 Alchemy Clock
VJ04 Daemon Clock
VJ05 Dong
VJ06 Daemon Rug