Spacetone with Projection

Spacetone Projection


Taking a multicolored cube with 360 squared + cubes making it up individually, doing a fisheye projection(mirrorball) with Blender, retexturing a simple camera rig with lights and animation, and rendering for 6 hours with Cycles in Blender at a very high resolution (3840x3840) for projecting onto video surfaces or LCD Screens.

Video Projection

Made with Structure Synth and Blender. Both Free and Open Source Software.

Structure Synth to Blender Color Restoration Script

import bpy
def hex_to_rgb(color_str):
    # supports '123456', '#123456' and '0x123456'
    (r,g,b), a = map(lambda component: component / 255, bytes.fromhex(color_str[-6:])), 1.0
    return (r,g,b,a)

for ob in
    if ob.type == "MESH":
        for mat_slot in ob.material_slots:
            if mat_slot.material:
                if mat_slot.material.node_tree:
                   print("material:" + str(
         [].diffuse_color = hex_to_rgb(
                   principled = mat_slot.material.node_tree.nodes["Principled BSDF"]
                   principled.inputs["Base Color"].default_value = hex_to_rgb(